Monthly Roundup: March 2021

First chapter of the 2D and 3D combat analysis still in the works and coming Soon™®©℠Δ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I swear I’ll get it and hopefully also another chapter out this month, just springing a couple of leaks that need patched and demanding a little bit of reconsideration on a few issues. VIDEOGAMES Violent Storm … Continue reading Monthly Roundup: March 2021

Variety in Place of Difficulty, or: Symphony of the Night as an Action Game

As I mentioned before, many praise Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for its exploration while disparaging the combat, generally on account of how easy the game is, but repeat playthroughs have given me the opposite outlook. The first time around, it felt much less like a “puzzle” than Super Metroid or Metroid Prime did to … Continue reading Variety in Place of Difficulty, or: Symphony of the Night as an Action Game

Monthly Roundup – December 2020

(the Short Thoughts column is hereby renamed Monthly Roundup, as I feel the title is catchier and a bit more accurate; some of these Thoughts aren’t exactly Short even if they’re not quite enough for their own article) In accordance with my header, I usually like to sequence videogames first and films second, but I … Continue reading Monthly Roundup – December 2020

Paradox, Layering, and Irreality

Scotland, PA is a fairly novel take on Shakespeare and the modernization thereof. Unlike Luhrmann’s (in)famous Romeo + Juliet, Scotland has a fully original script (a prudent move in this author’s opinion) and takes place a few decades prior to the time of its production. There’s one scene in particular that I’ve found to be … Continue reading Paradox, Layering, and Irreality

Short Thoughts: November 2020

I’m not too keen on doing “reviews,” myself; though I’m not against the concept itself, it’s just a format that I don’t feel beckons me personally. Still, while I’m happy to write smaller thoughtpieces, sometimes I find myself with things to say not even substantive enough for a couple of paragraphs but that I’d like … Continue reading Short Thoughts: November 2020


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